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Videoconferencing Room

The Multimedia and Videoconference Room

The Multimedia and Videoconference Room (MV-Room) is equipped with state of the art electronic and digital systems in order to facilitate the real time bidirectional audio/video transfer between the Biomedical Research Foundation and every other connection node (e.g. a research institute or organization) either in Greece or abroad.

In the MV-Room there is also an interactive whiteboard through which the speaker (tutor, presenter, etc) may have control on a specific computer and utilize the multiple software facilities offered by this computer. At the same time, the image of this whiteboard may be transferred in real time to the remotely connected node through the video conference system.

The MV-Room facilitates videoconferences, presentations with multimedia, multimedia supported training, educational courses, distant learning (e-learning).


Contact Person :  Nikolaos Schalekis
E-mail :
Telephone :  +30 210 6597 152
Fax :  +30 210 6597 505