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Grants Management

Grants Management Office

The Grants Management Office (GMO) of BRFAA according to Presidential Decree 239/ 16-11-2004, is responsible for the financial administration of competitive grants funded by sources other than the BRFAA budget. Within the framework of this mission the GMO undertakes amongst others the following duties:

  1. Participates in the procedure of submitting grant proposals in close co-operation with the Principal Investigators.
  2. Administers financially the approved grants.
  3. Keeps and updates statistic information related to ongoing or past grants.
  4. Generates and submits financial reports to the paying authorities (EC, GSRT, NIH etc).
  5. Participates in meetings of the grant consortia representing BRFAA together with the PI.
  6. Attends workshops for grants management organized by paying authorities or other entities.
  7. Creates, maintains and updates web profiles of BRFAA in a number of funding agents like NIH, FP7 etc.