Biomedical Research Foundation Academy Of AthensAcademy Of Athens
BRFAA at a Glance

The Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA) is a non-profit institute dedicated to understanding, treating, and preventing human ailments through biomedical research. BRFAA seeks to serve science and medicine, and to participate fully in global innovation through its commitment to the true integration of biology, medicine, and informatics.

All faculty members have a track record of academic excellence and joined BRFAA from leading US and European Research and Clinical Centers. Their different expertise complement each other beautifully and result in a powerful scientific team. More than 300 postdoctoral fellows, laboratory technicians, and Ph.D. students work closely with the faculty to unravel the mechanisms behind fundamental human diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, cardiomyopathies etc. The Foundation is also fortunate to have a talented and dedicated administrative staff that supports the research and helps make this complex organization work smoothly and effectively. Everyone at BRFAA is committed to scientific excellence and integrity in all that they do and are dedicated to making a positive impact on improving human quality of life.

Established by the Academy of Athens, the Foundation accommodates state-of-the-art facilities over a 25.000 square meter area for conducting internationally competitive biomedical research. It is equipped with a rich variety of highly specialized scientific equipment.
The rigorous research performed at BRFAA has received international recognition and has attracted generous funds from competitive research grants. Yet the most promising endeavor of the Foundation is establishing an institute of academic excellence where basic research and clinical application can come together to better serve human life.