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The research interests of Michalopoulos's group include:

  1. 1. Human Gene Correlation Analysis (HGCA)
    A microarray-based web tool which produces lists of genes which are co-expressed with genes of interest. HCGA also assigns roles to the genes of interest based on the annotations of the genes that they are coexpressed with.
  2. Transcription Factor Binding Site Database (TFBSDB)
    A web tool which identifies potential transcription binding sites in a genomic scale. They are produced by comparison of genomic DNA with position weighted matrices of known transcription factors. Such cis-elements may regulate the transcription of proximal genes.
  3. Bidirectional promoters
    A web tool which discovers divergent non-overlapping (bidirectional) promoters. It was used for the design of gene therapy viral vectors which express two genes, simultaneously.
  4. Curation of public microarray repositories
    A project for the automatic and manual curation of MIAME-compliant public microarray repositories, such as GEO and NASC.
  5. Cancer Epigenome Modifications
    Our group developed a Java tool for the analysis of DNA methylation microarray data to detect hyper- or hypo-methylated genes
  6. miRNA microarray data analysis
    Identification of over- and under- expressed miRNAs in related cells lines.
  7. Contribution to the development of GOmir
    A Java tool which finds information content-rich Gene Ontology terms in lists of miRNA gene targets.
  8. ParkinsonDB
    A registry for greek Parkinson patients
  9. chorionDB
    A database of Lepidoptera Chorion Proteins, based on the comparison of proteomes to profile HMMs which were constructed from the alignments of the central regions of known Class A and B chorion proteins.
  10. Manduca sexta Genome Annotation consortium
    Characterisation of Class A and B chorion proteins.
  11. Evolutionary history of tissue kallikreins
    Phylogenetic analysis of the kallikreins and identification of kallikrein-like proteins in marsupial, avian, serpent and amphibian species.
  12. Promoter analysis
    Identification of potential transcription factor binding sites in a series of genes.