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Apostolos Apostolos Klinakis, PhD
Investigator - Associate Professor Level

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Basic Research

Brief Bio

Dr. Apostolos Klinakis studied Biology at the University of Crete. He earned his Ph.D. from the same Department in 2002. As a graduate student, he worked in the laboratory of Prof. Charalampos Savakis where he developed novel gene transfer methods in insect and mammalian cells using the Drosophila transposable element Minos.  

He then moved to the United States for his postgraduate studies in the laboratory of Prof. Argiris Efstratiadis at Columbia University. During his tenure at Columbia Dr. Klinakis got training in mouse genetics and mouse transgenesis using knock-in/knockout technologies in ES cells. He developed mouse models of conditional mutagenesis to study the collaborative action of signaling pathways which leads to mammary tumorigenesis. Since January 2009, Dr. Klinakis has been an Investigator (Assistant Professor level) at the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens. His current interests lie in the role of Notch and Igf/PI3K signaling in stem cell biology and neoplasia.

Selected Publications

Billiard F, Lobry C, Darrasse-Jèze G, Waite J, Liu X, Mouquet H, Danave A, Tait M, Idoyaga J, Leboeuf M, Kyratsous CA, Burton J, Kalter J, Klinakis A, Zhang W, Thurston G, Merad M, Steinman RM, Murphy AJ, Yancopoulos GD, Aifantis I, Skokos D. (2012) Dll4-Notch signaling in Flt3-independent dendritic cell development and autoimmunity in mice. J Exp Med. 209:1011-28. 

Lewis, KL., Caton, ML., Bogunovic, M., Greter, M., Grajkowska, LT., Ng, D., Klinakis, A., Charo, IF., Jung, S., Gommerman, JL., Ivanov, II., Liu, K., Merad, M., and Reizis, B. (2011) Notch2 receptor signaling controls functional differentiation of dendritic cells in the spleen and intestine Immunity. 35: 780-91.

Klinakis, A.*, Lobry, L., Abdel-Wahab, O., Oh, P., Haeno, H., Buonamici, S., van De Walle, I., Cathelin, S., Trimarchi, T., Araldi, E., Liu, C., Ibrahim, S., Beran, M., Zavadil, J. Efstratiadis, A., Taghon, T., Michor, F., Levine, RL., and Aifantis, I.* (2011) A novel tumor suppressor function for the Notch pathway in myeloid leukemia. Nature. 473:230-3.

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Klinakis, A., Szabolcs, M, Chen, G., Xuan, S., Hibshoosh, H., and Efstratiadis, A. (2009). Igf1r as a therapeutic target in a mouse model of basal-like breast cancer. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 106: 2359-2364

Stratikopoulos, E., Szabolcs, M, Dragatsis, I., Klinakis, A., and Efstratiadis, A. (2008). The hormonal action of IGF1 in postnatal mouse growth. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 105: 19378-19383

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Klinakis, A., Szabolcs, M., Politi, K., Kiaris, H., Artavanis-Tsakonas, S., and A. Efstratiadis. (2006) Myc is a direct Notch1 transcriptional target and a requisite for Notch1-induced mammary tumorigenesis in mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103: 9262-9267

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Zagoraiou L., D. Drabek, S, Alexaki, J.A. Guy, A.G. Klinakis, A. Langeveld, G. Skavdis, C. Mamalaki, F. Grosveld and C. Savakis. 2001. In vivo transposition of Minos, a Drosophila mobile element, in mammalian tissues. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 98: 11474-11478.

Klinakis, A.G., L. Zagoraiou, D.K. Vassilatis and C. Savakis. 2000. Genome-wide insertional mutagenesis in human cells by the Drosophila hydei mobile element Minos. EMBO Reports. 1: 416-421.

Klinakis, A.G., T.G. Loukeris, A. Pavlopoulos and C. Savakis. 2000. Mobility assays confirm the broad host range activity of the Minos transposable element and validate new transformation tools. Insect Mol. Biol. 9: 269-275.


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