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Ioannis Ioannis Michalopoulos, PhD
Staff Research Scientist - Associate Professor Level

Telephone : +30 210 6597 127
Fax : +30 210 6597 545
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Systems Biology

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Michalopoulos Lab

Brief Bio

Ioannis Michalopoulos received his BSc in Biology from the University of Athens and his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of St Andrews. Soon after the publication of the first draft of the human genome, he moved to Bioinformatics, doing post-doctoral research in the University of Leeds (2001-2005) and in the Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens (2006-2008). Since 2008, he has been working as a Staff Research Scientist – Associate Professor Level in the Centre of Systems Biology of the Biomedical Research Foundation. He is in charge of the design and maintenance of various biobank web sites (Hellenic Cord Blood Bank, Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI-GR), Hellenic Biobank for Parkinson Disease, etc). His research activities include many collaboration projects with experimental researchers and computer scientists in the field of Genomics, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, Proteomics, etc. His interests include de novo genome assembly, gene discovery and genome annotation, differential gene expression and coexpression, construction of gene networks, differential DNA methylation, transcription factor binding site prediction, miRNA target discovery, structural bioinformatics, phylogenomics, radiogenomics, cytogenetics and pharmacogenomics. He is an expert on Linux operating system administration, Apache2 web server configuration, MySQL database management and PHP and C programming. As a web developer, he has developed many interactive bioinformatics tools. He teaches Bioinformatics, Microarray Data Analysis and Research Methodology in MSc courses such as Bioinformatics, System Biology, Molecular Medicine, Dietetics and Nutrition, etc. Ioannis Michalopoulos is a founding member of the Hellenic Society of Computation Biology and Bioinformatics (HSCBB) of which he was a Treasurer (2013-17) and an Associate Member of the World Academy of Sciences. He has co-organised many national and international conferences. He is a reviewer of Nucleic Acids Research, Bioinformatics, Database, Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine, Breast Cancer Research, PLoS One, BMC Bioinformatics, etc.

Selected Publications

Kalogirou, E.M., Thermos, G., Zogopoulos, V., Foutadakis, S., Michalopoulos, I., Agelopoulos, Μ. and Tosios, Κ.Ι. (2021). The immunohistochemical profile of basal cell nevus syndrome-associated and sporadic odontogenic keratocysts: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Clin Oral Investig, doi:10.1007/s00784-021-03877-w.

Gavrielatos, M., Kyriakidis, K., Spandidos, D.A., and Michalopoulos, I. (2021). Benchmarking of next and third generation sequencing technologies and their associated algorithms for de novo genome assembly. Mol Med Rep 23, 251.

Michalettou, T.D., Michalopoulos, I., Costes, S.V., Hellweg, C.E., Hada, M., and Georgakilas, A.G. (2021). A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of High-LET Ionizing Radiations in Human Gene Expression. Life (Basel) 11, 115.

Malatras, A., Michalopoulos, I., Duguez, S., Butler-Browne, G., Spuler, S., and Duddy, W.J. (2020). MyoMiner: explore gene co-expression in normal and pathological muscle. BMC Med Genomics 13, 67.

Kanakoglou, D.S., Michalettou, T.D., Vasileiou, C., Gioukakis, E., Maneta, D., Kyriakidis, K.V., Georgakilas, A.G., and Michalopoulos, I. (2020). Effects of High-Dose Ionizing Radiation in Human Gene Expression: A Meta-Analysis. Int J Mol Sci 21, 1938.

Angelopoulou, E., et al. (2019). The relationship between environmental factors and different Parkinson's disease subtypes in Greece: Data analysis of the Hellenic Biobank of Parkinson's disease. Parkinsonism Relat Disord 67, 105–112.

Nikitaki, Z., Holá, M., Donà, M., Pavlopoulou, A., Michalopoulos, I., Angelis, K.J., Georgakilas, A.G., Macovei, A., and Balestrazzi, A. (2018). Integrating plant and animal biology for the search of novel DNA damage biomarkers. Mutat Res Rev Mutat Res 775, 21–38.

Nikitaki, Z., Pavlopoulou, A., Hola, M., Dona, M., Michalopoulos, I., Balestrazzi, A., Angelis, K.J., and Georgakilas, A.G. (2017). Bridging Plant and Human Radiation Response and DNA Repair through an In Silico Approach. Cancers (Basel) 9.

Kanost, M.R., et al. (2016). Multifaceted biological insights from a draft genome sequence of the tobacco hornworm moth, Manduca sexta. Insect Biochem Mol Biol 76, 118-147.

Pavlopoulou, A., Savva, G.D., Louka, M., Bagos, P.G., Vorgias, C.E., Michalopoulos, I., and Georgakilas, A.G. (2016). Unraveling the mechanisms of extreme radioresistance in prokaryotes: Lessons from nature. Mutat Res Rev Mutat Res 767, 92-107.

Skourti, E., Logotheti, S., Kontos, C.K., Pavlopoulou, A., Dimoragka, P.T., Trougakos, I.P., Gorgoulis, V., Scorilas, A., Michalopoulos, I., and Zoumpourlis, V. (2016). Progression of mouse skin carcinogenesis is associated with the orchestrated deregulation of mir-200 family members, mir-205 and their common targets. Mol Carcinog 55, 1229-1242.

Atwood, T.K., et al. (2015). GOBLET: The Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Training. PLoS Comput Biol 11, e1004143.


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