BRFAA - Biomedical Research Foundation Academy Of Athens
Biomedical Research Foundation Academy Of AthensAcademy Of Athens


Participation in international and national networks:

  • World Ozone Mapping Center of World Meteorological Organization (WOUDC-WMO)
  • Global network of NASA for the measurement of aerosols (AERONET)
  • National network for the measurement of ultraviolet solar radiation (UVNET)
  • Hellenic network of solar energy (EDHE)
  • European Laser Radar Network (EARLINET, ACTRIS)
  • EUMETSAT network for the calibration of European satellites (EUMETSAT-AC SAF)
  • Navarino Environmental Observatory at Costa Navarino, Messenia (N.E.O.)
  • PANhellenic infrastructure for Atmospheric Composition and climatE chAnge (PANACEA)
  • PANHellenic Geophysical observatory of Antikythera (PANGEA Observatory)
  • Urban Heritage Climate Observatory in collaboration with the Greek GEO office

PANACEA infrastructure