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The Tamvakopoulos lab focuses on all aspects of Pharmacology and Pharmacotechnology to explore and develop novel therapeutic approaches with a particular focus on cancer. As a lab, we are interested in investigating the mechanisms of pharmacological action, and examine the effects and interactions of drugs on living organisms at the cellular, molecular and biochemical level. Accordingly, research efforts are directed toward developing targeted therapies based on cytotoxic and/or antiangiogenic small molecules, in conjunction with discovering bioactive compounds that could be potentially developed to drugs. In addition, the lab maintains a pertinent interest in discovering novel biomarkers of disease, in order to monitor efficacy of therapy as well as to design targeted molecules.

Our efforts of anticancer drug discovery/development include identification of parameters that will lead to the maximal beneficial effectiveness including, drug-carrier for administration, dosing, scheduling, and route of administration. The development and application of novel mass spectrometric techniques allow us to place emphasis on pharmacokinetic and drug metabolism questions, yielding better understanding of pharmacologic action with beneficial consequences to the design of future therapies. The Tamvakopoulos lab, currently exploits sophisticated mass spectrometry techniques to study the pharmacokinetic properties of bioactive leads in mice, tissue distribution (e.g., tumors) and their in vitro and in vivo drug metabolism. Modern analytical instrumentation such as liquid chromatography (LC) coupled with a hybrid triple quadruple and linear ion trap system is available to facilitate those studies. Through collaborations within BRFAA it is possible to access other platforms with distinct niches and capabilities (e.g., quadruple time-of-flight QqTOF MS-MS system, Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Elite™ Hybrid Ion Trap-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer) for more in-depth characterization of metabolites or metabolomics and proteomic studies.

Importantly, the Tamvakopoulos Lab operates for a number of years under the ISO:17025 accreditation. It has also spearheaded a collaborative effort between the GLP certified pharmacology facility and an adjacent 30 bed clinical unit (part of Sotiria Hospital) for the execution of clinical trials (Phase I Unit), under the umbrella of BRFAA. This collaboration involves volunteer recruitment, drug design, sample collection, drug level measurements and statistical evaluation. Two CROs participate in the effort. Following drug dosing, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic/biomarker (PK-PD) measurements will be performed in the BRFAA GLP laboratory.  This represents a unique opportunity in Greece that will allow the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens to participate in the process of developing generic drugs but of equal significance is our ongoing involvment in the evaluation of novel therapeutics. A formal meeting of the Clinical Trials initiative was held in BRFAA in October 2014 in which we presented our specific role and vision for this important objective

Dr Tamvakopoulos, Professor Niopas from the School of Pharmacy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Mina Gaga, MD, Athens Chest Hospital Sotiria during the meeting

Dr Tamvakopoulos during the presentation for the specific role and vision of Pharmacology-Pharmacotechnology Division in the Clinical Trial Initiative.