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Mechanical principles underlie biological phenomena at all levels, beginning from the organism and moving down to the organ, tissue, cellular, and molecular level. The Laboratory of Biomechanics conducts research that involves the application of these principles to the understanding of cardiovascular function and the determination of soft tissue mechanical properties at the macro, micro and nano levels.

Main areas of interest, still not restricted to:

  • Biomechanics of the Cardiovascular System: Assessment of the mechanical response and structure of organs, tissues and cellular systems of the cardiovascular system in health and disease; application of techniques for the analysis of function and structure, such as optical and electron microscopy, morphometry and stereology; determination of structure-function relationships.
  • Soft Tissue, Cell and Organ Biomechanics: Mechanical performance of soft tissues; biomechanical analyses of cells, growth-remodeling responses in soft tissues; contractile processes.