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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the western world. Despite considerable progress in the identification of cardiovascular risk factors for acute or chronic heart failure, current therapy is targeted only towards alleviating the symptoms rather than the etiology or the underlying molecular mechanisms of the disease. Thus, the focus of our research projects in the Molecular Biology Lab is the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms and pathways, underlying cardiac muscle function under physiological and patho-physiological conditions. Since cardiac and skeletal muscle disease can sometimes have similar molecular etiologies, our work further expands into normal and myopathic skeletal muscle. Our major goal is the identification and characterization of novel pathways and molecular players that would lead to new therapeutic targets in cardiac and skeletal myopathies.
 Contribution to education is a central aim of our team. We have organized a series of Outreach Programs on science education and career development. Furthermore, we actively participate in Continuing Education programs for specialized clinicians and scientists.