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Transcriptional regulation / STATs

We study mechanisms of transcriptional activation and repression, by focusing on Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription (STATs) role. STATs transduce signals from activated cell surface receptors to the nucleus, affecting gene expression, and are implicated in cancer, stress conditions and inflammation-autoimmunity mechanisms. Our efforts are directed towards a global understanding of the role of STAT factors in gene transcription through protein complexes purification, investigating interactions of STATs with other factors and signaling molecules, and identifications of target genes networks. To this end we apply genomics and proteomics approaches for isolation of transcription factor complexes/target genes in mammalian cells, we use inducible systems in transgenic mice and we develop bioinformatics tools to facilitate protein complexes and target gene networks analysis. Additionally, we use Thalassemia as a model to study mechanisms of erythropoiesis and the role of transcription factors in this process.

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