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Patient Care & Referrals

Out-patient Rheumatologic clinic in Attikon General Hospital belongs to 4th Internal Medicine Department of National Kapodistrian University of Athens and it is responsible for the provision of care in patients with autoimmune diseases coming from Athens as well as the rest of Greece.

Our Rheumatologic Center monitors a total of 18,300 patients with inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, while it serves approximately 80-100 patients daily. The outpatient clinic accommodates the one-day short hospitalization service, which includes 15 to 20 one-day admissions for intravenous treatment. The staff of the doctor's office consists of 12 doctors (specialized and specialists) and 4 nurses

The clinic works from Monday to Friday, from 07:00 to 15:00. Attikon General Hospital’s address is Rimini 1, Chaidari. The clinic is located at office 42 of 4th station in out-patient clinic section. 

For 1st visit to clinic (with appointment), call 1535 every 18th of the month. The code for the clinic is 06067. For the doctors who need patient evaluation, could call at clinics phone 2105832021 or Prof. Boumpas 6937212025, at 7-8 in the morning.  To contact with the clinic send an email to