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Analysis of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions of TEL, AML1 and TEL/AML1
In collaboration with Dr Katsadoni (Division of Hematology) we are developing a biotinylation system using novel methodology to determine specific, quantitative biotinylation of tagged proteins in mammalian cell lines (de Boer et al., 2003). This system will be used to study: (i) protein-protein interactions and (ii) protein-DNA interactions.

Conditional expression of Osteopontin (OPN) in Transgenic Mice
In collaboration with Dr. Panoutsakopoulou (Division of Cell Immunology, BRF) we are generating a transgenic mouse, expresing the OPN gene, in a conditional manner using the Cre/loxP site specific recombination system, to address the association of OPN with tumor growth, aggressivness and metastasis.