BRFAA - Biomedical Research Foundation Academy Of Athens
Biomedical Research Foundation Academy Of AthensAcademy Of Athens

Infrastr. & Equip.

  • One Brewer MK IV Spectrophotometer for measuring spectral ultraviolet solar radiation (UV-B) and the total columns of ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. The instrument had been operating for a decade in joint programs of NASA and the European Union in Reykjavik within the Arctic Circle.
  • A multi-channel NILU-UV radiometer for measuring ultraviolet solar radiation (UVB, UVA) and photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) (station of the National Network for the Measurement of Ultraviolet Solar Radiation).
  • A CM11 Pyranometer for the measurement of the incoming solar radiation (station of the Hellenic Solar Energy Network).
  • Ecotech Serinus 10 ozone analyser and Ecotech Serinus 30 carbon monoxide analyser (collaboration with Navarino Environmental Observatory).
  • Mobile lidar station (AIAS) of single wavelength (laser beam emission at 532 nm) with the ability to measure the depolarization of the back-scattered laser beam. The mobile station was upgraded in July 2021 with an additional channel for the measurement of aerosols at 1064 nm. The AIAS lidar system of Greek construction (Professor Alexandros Papagiannis and associates, NTUA) is installed in a specially designed FORD Transit van (donated to BRFAA by the Hellenic Shipowners Association).
  • Professional wireless Bresser 5-in-1 weather station (wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature, rain).
  • Wireless air quality sensor, PurpleAir PA-II model, for measuring the concentration of the PM2.5 suspended particles (owned by the NTUA – Laser Remote Sensing Laboratory).
  • One complete meteorological station (temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind intensity and direction).
  • Library, central computer facility.