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Our team at BRFAA is focused on investigating the manner of degradation of alpha-synuclein species, linked to Parkinson's Disease, and the impact of such species on neuronal homeostasis. Importantly, we are investigating the mechanisms of alpha-synuclein secretion, its impact on neuronal homeostasis in cultured neuronal cells and its paracrine effects in the brain. In this respect, we are also assessing alpha-synuclein secretion in vivo by microdialysis techniques. Our studies will enable the assessment of the pathophysiological significance of naturally secreted alpha-synuclein and the elucidation of the mechanism of alpha-synuclein secretion and its role on the propagation of disease pathogenesis, which may be a therapeutic target. To this end and in collaboration with Dr. Sotiropoulou in the University of Patras we are also investigating mechanisms involved in the clearance of extracellular alpha-synuclein.


Please visit our Pathways in Parkinson's Disease website for more details

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