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Peer-Reviewed Papers

Tsakanikas P, Sigalas C, Rigas P and Skaliora I (2017) High-Throughput Analysis of in-vitro LFP Electrophysiological Signals: A validated workflow/software package. Scientific Reports Journal 7:3055. link to paper

Rigas P, Leontiadis LJ, Tsakanikas P, Skaliora I (2017) Spontaneous Neuronal Network Persistent Activity in the Neocortex: A(n) (Endo)phenotype of Brain (Patho)physiology. In: Vlamos P. (eds) GeNeDis 2016. Adv Exper Med Biol, vol 988. Springer. link to paper

Sigalas C, Konsolaki E and Skaliora I (2017) Sex differences in endogenous cortical network activity: spontaneously recurring Up/Down states. Biol Sex Differ 8:21. link to paper

Konsolaki E, Tsakanikas P, Polissidis AV, Stamatakis A and Skaliora I (2016) Early signs of pathological cognitive aging in mice lacking high-affinity nicotinic receptors. Front Aging Neurosci 8:91. link to paper

Rigas P, Sigalas C, Tsakanikas P, Adamos D, Laskaris N and Skaliora I (2015) Spontaneous Up states: a single metric index of the functional maturation and regional differentiation of the mouse cerebral cortex. Front Neural Circuits Oct 13;9:59. link to paper

Sigalas C, Rigas P, Tsakanikas P and Skaliora I (2015) High-affinity nicotinic receptors modulate spontaneous cortical up states in vitro. J Neurosci 35:11196-11208. link to paper

Konsolaki E and Skaliora I (2015) Motor vs. cognitive elements of apparent “hyperlocomotion”: a conceptual and experimental clarification. PNAS 112 (1) E3-E4. link to paper

Konsolaki E and Skaliora I (2015) Premature aging phenotype in mice lacking high affinity nicotinic receptors: region specific changes in layer V pyramidal cell morphology. Cerebral Cortex 25:2138-48.
link to paper

Rigas P, Sigalas C and Skaliora I (2011) Developmental regulation of spontaneous network activity in mouse cortical slices. J Neurochem 118, Suppl.1: 78.

Skaliora I, Doubell TP, Holmes NP, Nodal FR and King AJ (2004) Functional topography of converging visual and auditory inputs to neurons in the rat superior colliculus. J Neurophysiol 92: 2933-46.
link to paper

Doubell TP, Skaliora I, Baron J and King AJ (2003) Functional connectivity between the superficial and deeper layers of the superior colliculus: an anatomical substrate for sensorimotor integration. J Neurosci 23: 6596-6607.   link  to paper

Skaliora I (2002) Mechanisms of experience-dependent plasticity in the developing brain, in ‘Excerpta Medica International Congress Series (ICS)’ vol. 1241, pp 313-320, Elsevier Science.

Skaliora I, Adams R and Blakemore C (2000) Morphology and growth patterns of developing thalamocortical axons. J Neurosci 20: 3650-3662. link to paper

Doubell TP, Baron J, Skaliora I and King AJ (2000) Topographic projection from the superior colliculus to the nucleus of the brachium of the inferior colliculus: convergence of visual and auditory information. Eur J Neurosci 12: 4290-4308. link to paper

Skaliora I, Singer W, Betz H and Püschel AW (1998) Differential patterns of semaphorin expression in the developing rat brain. Eur J Neurosci 10: 1215-29. link to paper

Skaliora I, Robinson DW, Scobey RP and Chalupa LM (1995) Properties of K+ conductances in cat retinal ganglion cells during the period of activity-mediated refinements in retinofugal pathways. Eur J Neurosci 7: 1558-1568. link to paper

Skaliora I, Scobey RP and Chalupa LM (1993) Prenatal development of excitability in cat retinal ganglion cells: Action potentials and sodium currents. J Neurosci 13: 313-323. link to paper

Chalupa LM, Skaliora I and Scobey RP (1993) Responses of isolated cat retinal ganglion cells to injected currents during development. In: “The Visually Responsive Neuron: From Basic Neurophysiology to Behavior”, Progress in Brain Research 95: 25-32.

Stamatakis K, Skaliora I, Gavalas NA and Manetas Y (1990) Re-evaluation of the effects of glucose-6-phosphate and malate on the catalytic properties of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from cynodon-dactylon under physiological assay conditions.  Australian J. Plant Physiol. 17: 407-411.

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Book Chapters

Skaliora I, Mavroidis E and Kouvelas E (2014) “Basis of cell excitability and cardiac conduction system” in ‘Introduction to Translational Cardiovascular Research, Springer (editors: D. Cokkinos and T. Tzanavari).

King AJ, Doubell TP and Skaliora I (2004) “Epigenetic factors that align visual and auditory maps in the ferret midbrain” in ‘Handbook of Multisensory Processes’, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA (editors: J. Calvert, C. Spence, B. Stein), p 599-612.

Skaliora I and Pagakis SN (2001)  “Imaging neuronal morphology and growth” in ‘Confocal and Two-Photon Microscopy: Foundations, Applications and Advances’, John Wiley and Sons (editor: A. Diaspro).

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Other Publications

Σκαλιόρα Ε (2015) «Η αντίληψη των συναισθημάτων του άλλου: από την σκοπιά της Νευροεπιστήμης», Σύναψις in press.

Σκαλιόρα Ε (2014) «Νευροεπιστήμη και Ελλάδα: άκαιρη πολυτέλεια ή εφαλτήριο για ανάπτυξη;» Σύγχρονα Θέματα, 124: 99-101. link to publication

Σκαλιόρα Ε (2012) «Η νόηση ως φαινόμενο εντός του φυσικού κόσμου», Σύναψις 25: 60-62.

Σκαλιόρα Ε (2011) «Η Αισθητηριακή αντίληψη: διαπερατή όσο χρειάζεται», Νόησις 6: 197-208.

Σκαλιόρα Ε (2010)  «Η κατασκευή της ελευθερίας της βούλησης», Βήμα Ιδεών, 4 Σεπτεμβρίου 2010.

Σκαλιόρα Ε (2009) «Η έρευνα για τον εγκέφαλο ως προς τη συνείδηση: απόπειρα πλαισίωσης», Νόησις 5: 135-155.

Σκαλιόρα Ε (2006) «Η Χαρτογράφηση του Εγκεφάλου και του Νου: Από τον Gall στο Γονιδίωμα», Σύναψις, τεύχος 3, pp 64-76. link to publication

Σκαλιόρα Ε (2004) «Ways of knowing», Σύγχρονα Θέματα, τεύχος 87, pp 47-52.

Skaliora I (2003) Exploring Consciousness, by Rita Carter, book review, MIT Press, J Cog Neurosci 15: 488-489.

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