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Stelios Psarras’ research activities focus on the study of tissue remodeling mechanisms and their contribution to the pathologies of basic organs (e.g. heart, lung).

In particular, he studies the characteristics of the inflammatory responses caused by intrinsic (e.g. de-regulated cell death) or extrinsic (e.g. viral or microbial infections) factors and the associated induction of adverse tissue remodelling features, such as extended fibrosis and angiogenesis. To that end, he is employing genetic and induced animal models of heart and renal failure and post-infection asthma, as well as relevant cell culture systems. Special emphasis is given to the contribution of inflammatory cells such as the macrophages, as well as their interaction with stromal cells to the progress and regulation of particular pathogenic states (e.g. heart failure, asthma). Using whole gene expression analysis he also aims to identify key molecular players which may serve both as biomarkers or modulators of the respective diseases. His ultimate goal will be the application of therapeutic interventions based on the understanding of common and unique mechanisms underlying adverse tissue remodeling and dysfunction of different organs that will modify and activate or inhibit particular cell populations such as monocytes/macrophages and stem or progenitor cells.

Stelios Psarras, PhD     (Full Bio)
Staff Research Scientist - Associate Professor Level
Division of Histology
Center of Basic Research I