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The main focus of our work is on handedness and cerebral lateralization (aka hemispheric specialization) for language in healthy adults and children as well as in students with special education needs (e.g., students with dyslexia, hearing impaired students, students in the autism spectrum, and students with low or high IQ). We are employing behavioral as well as brain imaging techniques, specifically functional transcranial Doppler ultrasound (fTCD). One of our major lines of work at the moment is the cerebral lateralization of written language. We further have a special interest in meta-analysis and have published several pieces of work on different aspects of handedness, for example on the incidence of handedness and on handedness in twins, but also on handedness differences between the general population and individuals who are depressed, hearing impaired, with autism spectrum disorder, present with ADHD, dyslexia, of low or high intelligence and more.

At our lab we support open science, i.e., in making scientific research (including publications, data, analysis code, and software) shareable and accessible. We believe that transparent and accessible knowledge speeds ups the research progress and makes findings more reliable. We share our data and materials and aim for our studies to be fully reproducible. In this Open Science Framework page you can find more information on our studies as well as open material, data, and analysis code.