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The Cardiovascular Research Division (CRD) is a significant part of the Clinical Research Center, where sophisticated research can be performed with state of the art equipment. The CRD’s research is focused in cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology in both human and animal models (i.e. mice, rats, swine). Heart failure, congenital heart disease, atherosclerosis, vascular function and autonomic nervous system function are the areas of major research interest. Translational research is emphasized. The CRD has close collaborations with other centers within the Foundation, including Molecular and Cellular Biology, Pharmacology and Immunobiology. The CRD also collaborates with institutions outside the Foundation, such as the National Technical University of Athens and the University of Ioannina, particularly with the Department of Engineering the Department of Computer Science. Further, close collaborations exist between CRD and major hospitals in Greece and UK (Royal Brompton Hospital).