BRFAA - Biomedical Research Foundation Academy Of Athens
Biomedical Research Foundation Academy Of AthensAcademy Of Athens

Lab Members


Principal Investigator

Dr. Zoe Cournia

Post-Doctoral Associates

Dr. Hari Leontiadou
Dr. Dimitris Vlachakis

Master's Students

Marilena Liosi
Theodora Tafarli
Ioanna Tremi
Konstantina Karathanou

Undergraduate Students

Giannis Galdadas
Christina Athanasiou

Past Members

Dr. Paraskevi Gkeka (2010 - 2015) - Postdoc, now a permanent scientist in computer-aided drug design, Sanofi, Paris

Konstantina Karathanou (2015-2016) - Master's student (University of Athens, Department of Informatics). Now a PhD student at the Freie Universitaet Berlin with Professor A-N Bondar

Dr. Spyros Vicatos (2014 - 2015) - Postdoc, now a scientist in the group of Professor Arieh Warshel, USC, USA

Dr. George Patargias (2011 - 2015) - Postdoc

Katerina Zacharis (2014) - Psychico College, now an undergraduate student at University of Cambridge, UK

Evanthia Lionta (2012 - 2014) - Master's student (University of Patras, Faculty of Chemical Engineering). After completing a practical training in Sanofi-Aventis Frankfurt, she is now working in the R&D Drug Delivery Department of Pharmathen.

Harris Ioannidis (2012 - 2014) - Master's student (University of Athens, School of Pharmacy). Now a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh with Dr. Julien Michel.

Dr. Dimitra Milioni (2012) - Visiting Researcher. Now a Postdoctoral Associate at Biosensors Laboratory, IMBB - FORTH

Dr. Ming Han (2013) - Postdoc

Past Members 2014 (photo)