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Vassilis Vassilis Gorgoulis, PhD
University Faculty, Affiliated Investigator

Telephone : +30 210 6597 129
Fax : +30 210 6597 545

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Basic Research

Brief Bio

Dr. Gorgoulis is currently Professor and Director of the Department of Histology – Embryology (DHE), Medical School, University of Athens, Greece and head of the Molecular Carcinogenesis Group (MCG). He is also Adjunct Professor in the Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens and an Honorary Professor, at Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Manchester. Recently, he has been elected as a member in the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). Prof. Gorgoulis started his career at the DHE, where despite the initial difficult conditions in infrastructure, know-how and funding, he succeeded in establishing a strong international research program and creating a highly skilled and competent research group (MCG).

His main research interests are: Mechanisms leading to genomic instability; The role of the DNA damage response (DDR) pathway as an anti-tumor barrier; The role of Cdc6 in cancer progression.

He has established collaborations with highly-recognized cancer research scientists (eg Profs T.D. Halazonetis, J. Bartek, M. Oren, a.o.). These collaborations have enabled the development of a paramount research program headed by Prof. Gorgoulis. Currently, he has ongoing collaborations with more than 14 different international laboratories. During this continuous effort he succeeded to obtain financial support from several domestic (total grant >1.000.000 €) and European grants (total grant > 5.500.000€).

As a result Prof. Gorgoulis has 211 publications in international peer-reviewed journals listed in SCI and more than 12.000 citations. The h index is 49. He’s international recognition counts 150 communications in International conferences, seminars etc, and has also contributed with 7 chapters in international text-books.

He has also received more than 30 awards and scholarships throughout his entire academic and research career as well as numerous other distinctions (i.e. one of the most Highly Cited Greek Scientists). He is a reviewer in 54 peer-reviewed scientific journals and 15 National and International Funding programs and is a member of 5 scientific societies. Also the work of MCG has been included among the most important scientific contributors in the field of carcinogenesis and cell cycle (Malumbres & Barbacid, Nature Reviews Cancer, 2009). Most of the top ranked publications (e.g. in Nature, JCB) have received instant recognition as they were accompanied by corresponding highlights in editorial articles and/or journal covers.
At educational level, Prof. Gorgoulis teaches in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Athens Medical School and Dental School on Histology, Embryology and Cellular Biology. He has supervised more than 20 PhD students (the last 5 years), 5 post-doctoral researchers, 3 undergraduate diploma projects and 4 MPhil diploma projects. He is currently supervising 8 PhD students.

Finally, Prof Gorgoulis has a special interest in molecular diagnostics in Pathology and is the regional coordinator of the European Quality Assessment Scheme for testing KRAS mutations in colorectal cancer that was established by the European Society of Pathology.

Selected Publications

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