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News :Technology Transfer Office

In the framework of the Operational Programme "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" and in particular the call of the Axis A: "Maturation of the Technology Transfer Ecosystem in Greece", BRFAA claimed funding of 60.000€ for the implementation of the project "Creation of a Technology Transfer Office". The objective of this Call was to mature the Technology Transfer ecosystem in Greece, in order to develop the necessary structures and procedures that will support the transfer of technology of BRFAA.

Responsible for the implementation of the Project Deliverables is the Project Team, which consists of members of the research staff of BRFAA, namely:

Dr. Evangelos Andreakos, Researcher A' - Director of the Center for Clinical, Experimental and Research Excellence of the Center for Clinical, Experimental
Head of the Clinical, Experimental Surgery & Translational Research Center, Director of the Department of Clinical, Experimental & Translational Research
Dr. Zoe Kournia, Researcher B', Researcher, Experimental and Experimental Surgery
Dr. Konstantinos Tamvakopoulos, Researcher A'
Dr. Georgios Th. Tsagaris, Specialist Functional Scientist A'
Dr. Aristotle Hadjioannou, Researcher BRFAA
The PI of the project is the lawyer of BRFAA, Ms Olga Tzortzatou - Nanopoulou.

The newly established Technology Transfer Office has already been staffed by two external collaborators, namely Dr. Antigoni Haidaroglou, who has the role of the Technology Transfer Office manager and Mrs. Dorezi Zenejra, who has undertaken the administrative support.

In addition, under Axis B "Funding for the operation of Technology Transfer Structures & Actions", BRFAA applied for funding from the EPAnEK  to support the work of the newly established Technology Transfer Office. Within the framework of the above mentioned action, BRFAA is now collaborating with the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Athens "Archimedes", with the Harokopeion University and with the University of Piraeus in order to strengthen the national ecosystem and to support the actions of the newly established Technology Transfer Office.

For any information regarding the operation of the Technology Transfer Office, please contact the PI at 210 6597131 or

The Technology Transfer Office will announce the official start of its operations immediately after the completion of the necessary administrative procedures.