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News :Event under the Framework of FP7 Regpot Program “TranSMed” regarding BRFAA Infrastructure and Activities within Preclical Translational Research and Possible Bridges with Industry

On Wednesday, October 16, the BRFAA team of researchers that participated in the European FP7 Regpot program “TranSMed”, met with executives from pharmaceutical companies as well as pharmaceutical ‘clusters’ in order for there to be an open discussion concerning the infrastructures and activities of BRFAA in preclinical translational research and possible bridges with industry.

TranSMed ( is a proposal from a team of researchers working in basic science, physician scientists, and computational scientists at the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens.  The thrust of their research is focused on the mechanisms underlying the development of major human diseases associated with altered regulation of brain function, with emphasis on neurodegenerative diseases and obesity/metabolic syndrome.  BRFAA is a rapidly developing research institute with a unique (for regional standards) investment in both basic research and specialized clinical services, aiming to create a strong educational and high-quality research environment in Attica, Greece.

The purpose of the meeting was to support the preclinical translational research in Greece through active partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and aimed to build on the existing BRFAA strengths and provide a model translational research facility for Southern Europe and the whole Mediterranean region with strong links to Academia and the Industry.  The meeting concluded with great success and prospects for future meetings and collaborations.