TranSMed is a EU funded program from a team of researchers working in basic science, physician scientists, and computational scientists at the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA).

The purpose of TranSMed is to support, improve, and integrate existing research infrastructure to boost the design and implementation of translational studies. Our vision is to empower training and provide an optimal network for conducting innovative high-quality translational science in Attica.

We are pleased to announce that the dynamical model developed in the context of TransMed grant capturing the effects of alpha-synuclein on neuronal homeostasis that is believed to play a role on the onset of Parkinson's disease has been selected as the "Model of the Month" (March 2015) and featured in the systems biology EMBL-EBI Biomodels Data Base.

TransMed Team in BRFAA

G.P. Chrousos
K. Karalis
T. Vlahou
K. Vekrellis
I. Skaliora
S. Pagakis
K. Tamvakopoulos
L. Stefanis
E. Manolakos
D. Beis
D. Vassilatis